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 How To Submit Your Vid - EVERY VIDDER MUST READ

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PostSubject: How To Submit Your Vid - EVERY VIDDER MUST READ   Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:27 pm

If you wish to submit your video you must first sign up to the forum, then send a private message to Intiator007 with the details of your vid. We do it this way so that;

a) we can make sure that there are no broken links and, if there are, we can get them fixed
b) we can vet the videos to make sure that there is no inappropriate material being submitted
c) we can standardise the posts and make sure they all follow a set criteria.

Your submission must contain the following:

Vidder: (i.e. Pruedens)
Title: (You can just use the name of the song if you want to)
Warnings: (i.e. expletive language in the song, slash)
Category: (choose ONE from the following: action, angst, AU, character study, comedy, crossover, drama, episodic, promo/title sequence, recap, romance, or choose general if your vid does not fit into another category, e.g. if it is a themed montage)
Characters/Pairings: (choose up to THREE main characters of focus in your video, or if it has more than three, choose 'ensemble'. If there are any ships/pairings featured in your vid, this is also where to tell us about them )
Summary: (a short description of your vid)
Length: (i.e. 3:19)
File Size: (i.e. 12.5MB)
Link: (where your vid is hosted :: please read the message in red below)
Type of feedback preferred: (whether you would like viwers to mention only good points/good and bad points and how in-depth you'd prefer feedback to be. Please note that this won't guarantee the exact feedback you're looking for, but may give viewers a better idea of the type of comment to leave.)
Would you like your video to be judged? This is where you tell us whether or not you'd like the staff to "judge" your video and possibly give it an award. If you don't tell us either way, we'll go ahead and judge as normal. Please note that if you choose to NOT have your video judged, then your video will automatically forfeit eligibility for the Video of the Month contest and, looking ahead, the Video of the Year tournament. It would, however, be looked at for any special awards given out, and you can change your mind later on if you decide you would like it judged.

Please Note: all vids submitted to the site are currently required to have a secondary download link at either zShare,youtube or any other file hosting site. Any videos submitted with just a YouTube link or a link to your LiveJournal will not be hosted on the site. We do this because it ensures that the judges are able to judge your videos swiftly and efficiently.

Happy vidding!
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